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Char’s September 2023 Blog – Newsletter

Do Good Stuff Today. It’s that simple.

Welcome to Charlie’s Acres – from bees, to birds, to bulls.. it is a sanctuary where animals can live out their natural lives in peace.

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    • I had the pleasure of joining a tour of Charlie’s Acres recently and what a joy it was.To hear the stories of some and to see and experience the compassion and care that each animal now receives, warmed my heart. I would encourage anyone who loves animals to take one of the tours. I should also note that they have some fun classes and events ongoing or consider sponsoring an animal. If you do, I would love to hear about your experience. I know you will not be disappointed, but your day will be brighter.

      • This is Brewster and the Girls                        Say Hello to Franklin

This is Mitch                                                               Meet Victor

Meet more of the residents and their stories – from bees, to birds, to bulls.

More September Outdoor Fun:


Stay Safe, Stay Well, Be Respectful, Be Kind

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